Daughter to an aeronautical engineer, Nuchsuda spent her childhood traveling to many countries outside of Thailand, from Korea, to United States, to Germany. Even at the young age, she began collecting visual motifs that fascinated her, and had created her own sketchbook magazine when she was nine. Her first drawing illustrated the land of midnight sun and how the sun can shine even midnight. The next page was a drawing of wave frequency that she recorded people’s heart beat. Later, these idea became her interest to reconcile the most extreme sides–the outermost and innermost. She then continued this form of collection into adulthood, with each new country is a different visual language.

Nuchsuda graduated with the major in Motion Pictures and and minor in Performance Arts from Thailand’s most prestigious school, Chulalongkorn University. For her senior project, she was elected to direct a stage musical that was a period costume piece with a cast of 40 actors and dancers. Upon graduation, she worked as an assistant to the top commercial director at Phenomena, Bangkok’s premier commercial house.

In 2005, Nuchusuda moved to Paris to study at the prominent fashion school, Studio Berçot, directed by Marie Rucki. During the course of her studies, Nuchsuda cultivated her sensibilities while working at Nina Ricci, under the creative direction of Olivier Theysken.
Then in 2008, Nuchsuda was elected by her professors to be in a fur workshop with the collaboration of Le Fédération Française des Métiers de la Fourrure to create her first own piece of fur collection.

Through the years, Nuchsuda exposed with different medium from drawing, filming to sculpting later approaching her works primary through her hands as miniatures, through which she shapes and develops into her collection.